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Name: Kaguya 
Name Meaning: Furniture Store
Age: Appears to be in her 20's
Birthplace/Place of Residence: The Dream Castle of the Pentacle Mirrors
Gender: Female
Family: None, though she's had many suitors
Race: A demon, but poses as a Celestial Being
Desires: To have the celestial robe, make Inuyasha her servant, and have Kagome's sacred powers 
Enemies: Inuyasha, Naraku
Seen: Inuyasha 2nd Movie:The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
Special Weapons: Chants, a blood red sword, the Mirror of Life
  In the Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, a beautiful princess named Kaguya forced her suitors to complete dangerous tasks in order to win her favor. In the end, however, she refused even when the Emperor himself and left this world to live on the moon. Another tale spoke of a man who stole a heavenly robe from a Celestial Being by the same name. Enraged, the Celestial Being killed the man and started to kill the villagers as well. Miroku's grandfather was summoned and sealed her away in the Mirror of Life.
  50 years later, Kanna and Kagura use five sacred objects to release Kaguya from the mirror. Even weakened, Kaguya manages to stop the cycles of the moon, causing a full moon every night. At full power, she's able to trap InuYasha's human side within her mirror and stop time completely! In reality, however, Kaguya is a demon much like Naraku is and lives off of absorbing the souls of other powerful beings.
  Heartless and ruthless, Kaguya is a woman who's used to getting everything she wants and will stop at nothing to get it. She realizes too late, however, that her awakening was just a ploy by Naraku so that he could absorb her powers and immoratality. She's ultimately killed when Miroku sucks her soul up into his Wind Tunnel.

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