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The Celestial Being has many enemies. Those enemies are: Miyatsu (Miroku's grandfather), Inuyasha + gang, and Naraku.
Miyatsu: It all started when a certain Celestial Being who was known as Kaguya killed innocent villager after another because a man stole the Celsetial Robe she left hanging on a tree branch. That's when the Celestial Being grew mad with fury. In another story some villagers think that once the Celestial being saw the man trying to steal the robe they got married. Anyway...Miroku grandfather, monk Miyatsu was summoned to seal her in the Mirror of Life.
Inuyasha + gang: Well once Kaguya was freed out of the mirror by Kagura and Kanna, she went on her own to steal the Celestial Robe from Aki Toki Hojo (Hojo's ancestor) To begin her attempt to steal the robe, she traps Inuyasha with the roots of the tree. Kagome fights Kaguya by shooting her sacred arrows at Kaguya. Kaguya doesn't see Kagome as a threat and Kagome releases the arrow which reverts back at Kagome. She runs up and gets hit by the arrow to protect Inuyasha. Inuyasha is upset that Kagome didn't run away. That's when Kaguya takes Kagome and the Celestial Robe back to her dream castle. Inuyasha is angered at Kaguya. Later in the castle, Kaguya attempts to eat Kagome to have her sacred powers and tries to make Inuyasha become her servant. Kaguya says a spell which makes Inuyasha transform into a full fledged demon. Kagome doesn't want Inuyasha to become full demon because Inuyasha isn't sure yet and Kagome loves him as a half-demon. To break the spell Kagome kisses Inuyasha. They fight and Inuyasha does his Backlash Wave. Kaguya says a spell and sends his attack back at him, then he yells Wind Scar and Kagome shoots her arrow breaking Kaguya's mirror. Kaguya's body is destroyed but not her soul, so she's immeditately killed by Miroku sucking her up into his Wind Tunnel.
Naraku: First the Inuyasha + gang defeat their enemy Naraku. Kagura is happy that Naraku's finally dead. With nothing left to do, Kagura and Kanna find ways to get Kaguya out of the mirror. For more info go on the Alliance page. While the Inuyasha + gang are fighting Kaguya, Kohaku suddenly feels pain on his shoulder. Sango looks at Kohaku's shoulder and sees Naraku's trademark, the spider. Same as Miroku, Miroku suddenly feels pain in his right hand and realizes that Nataku's still alive. Naraku's main goal was to absorb Kaguya's powers. Kaguya and Naraku fight. Naraku comes forward towards Kaguya, but Kaguya says, "Keep your vile hands away from me!!!" and says a spell which sends Naraku flying.

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