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"So...Naraku has died? Now all creatures in this world must be eliminated. The eternal night shall be mine!"
"I shall show you everlasting freedom. I know your wish and I can grant it..."
"My name is Kaguya...I am the ruler of eternal night."
"I can see your desires...your very deepest desires where your dark heart rules, you are nothing but a despicable beast!"
"Not the two of you again...what poor luck I have aganist these fools."
"I wonder why you were so weak...now I see, you're nearly a half-demon."
"Just go ahead and try it!"
"Come to my dream castle, that's if you so desire..."
"Time in again, a dream, a celebration, and let it all begin!!!"
"Heh! I have to test all these half-demons!"
"You'll confront me then, that should be entertaining..."
"You pathetic fools, it's not that easy to take my soul away..."
"Perhaps I should tell you why I loathe the Celestial Robe..."
"Heh! Such fools persuing me in the mirror!!!"
"You pocess the spiritual powers of a priestess that could put a barrier against time...those powers shall be mine!"
"Take a good look Inuyasha...behold the dark spirit that lurks in your heart!"
"This is the true form you wish to acheive...and I am going to grant your wish!"
"You pathetic fool! How could you abandon such a fine opportunity?!?"
"Naraku...I thought you were dead..."
"Keep your vile hands away from me!"
"Heh! That pathetic trick won't work!"
"Is that the best you have to offer me half-demon?!?"
"My body may be destroyed, but I am a Heavenly Being!"
"You girl with the sacred powers...your body shall be mine!"
"A half-demon...and a mortal girl..."

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