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Name: WarFalcon
Question: Dear Kaguya-Hime,
I thought what happened to you in the movie was horrible, and that last scream going into the kazaana really got to me. I know somehow got out of that somehow and got your body back, but hearing from you will let everyone else know that you are OK. I really care about you. I knew the legend since I was in 1st or 2nd grade and always admired you and saw you in my dreams, in the castle too. Anyway, I just to check up on you. Hope this isn't a stupid question that will anger you but just know that I care.
Kaguya: I am ok what makes you think I am not ok? I'm currently at the moon and will never return to earth. Yes, Miroku's pathetic kazaana got to me too! Thanks for your concern though, it really means a lot to me.
Name: lia
Ouestion: hi, lady kaguya, I'm a great fan of you, so I was wondering if we can be friends?
Kaguya: You want to be friends you ask? Well, I suppose we can be "friends" that's if you don't plan to betray me. A great fan you are, I'm suprised...thank you.
Name: Kayanna half demon
Question: Dear Celestial Maiden Kaguya,
You said a few chants to stop your enemies. What type of chants were they and do you think I could learn them? I admire your power as well as your eternal beauty. I only wish to look up to you as my idol.
Kaguya: You flatter me quite a lot Kayanna, seeing as you want to learn my chants. *smiles* I'll be glad to teach you considering you're probably one of my #1 fans.

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